Pigeon and Bird Proofing Spikes


Pigeon and Bird Proofing Spikes prevent small to larger birds such as sparrows, starlings and pigeons from perching, roosting or landing on window sills, roofs, fences and balconies etc.

Our Pigeon and Bird Proofing Spikes are made from strong polycarbonate with 4 rows of spikes to cover a width of ledge up to 8" or 200mm wide. Multiple rows of spikes will cover wider widths.

These Pigeons and Birds proof spikes are UV stabilised to withstand the harshest conditions.

Used widely by professional bird control companies on commercial buildings, they have a 10 year manufacturer's warranty.

Use our Bird Spike Adhesive to fix the spikes to most surfaces such as stone, concrete, metal or roofing felt etc.

Price is per metre - for multiple metres just 'add to cart' and you will be able to enter how many metre lengths you require.

Next Day Delivery.

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