Bird Pest Control

There are many orders of Birds in the UK. Some birds make household pets such as canaries or parrots whilst other birds enter the human food chain such as chickens and ducks. However there are some birds that are classed as pests such as those that land, perch or nest on public buildings or those that may cause havoc around airports.

Many Birds are encouraged in to domestic gardens with home owners leaving out food on bird tables or in bird feeders and some of the birds that arrive to feed are wonderful to see and watch. However the pest birds that may also have arrived can create problems and can cause damage and unsightly mess with their droppings and these droppings can be a health hazard

Feral Pigeons and Seagulls [ the Greater and Lesser Black-Backed Gull and the Herring Gull ] cause the most problems as they have increased in numbers over the years. They are now established in many city and rural areas inland or on the coast and in many situations there is a need to prevent or get rid of these nuisance birds.

Other birds classed as pests in the UK are Starlings, Collared Doves and House Sparrows.

When pest birds begin to roost or nest on your house or business action needs to be taken to stop these nuisance feathered creatures. House Sparrows are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 but all of our products will not harm any kind or bird, as they are either repellents to repel or deter the birds or they are preventative methods to proof against birds to stop them landing, perching or nesting.

We are suppliers of a full range of the best Bird Pest Control Products to prevent, control and get rid of nuisance birds.

We supply Professional and DIY Bird Proof Net Packs, Bird Proof Nets as well as Pigeon and Seagull Proofing Spikes all of which will protect buildings, ledges, balconies, street lights and other structures. These products will stop birds roosting or nesting. Our Roof Ridge Bird Proofing Spikes and Bird Proofing Chimney Cowls will protect roofs and chimney stacks and prevent birds from falling down into the fireplace.

We are stockists of Bird Repellent and Deterrent Gels as well as a full range of Fake Bird Decoy Scarers, the Daddy Long Legs and Terror Eyes Bird Scarers and other products for stopping and getting rid of nuisance feathered pests. These products are widely used not only on buildings and other fixed structures but are also popular for use on boats and caravans.

For domestic or commercial use, we have an extensive range of Electronic Sonic [ audible ] and Ultrasonic [ inaudible ] Bird Repellers

If you need any help in the choice of your Bird Pest Control Products or Supplies, just give us a call on 03330 119703 or email info[a] and we will be happy to give you advice.

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