Insectaclear D Strong Bed Bug Killer Spray 1ltr


Insectaclear D Strong Bed Bug Killer Spray 1 ltr. is for use on most surfaces to kill bed bugs and a wide range of other insect pests.

This insecticide contains 0.06% Cypernothrin and 0.04% Imiprothrine, this formula will kill bed bugs on contact. It will also leave a residue that will continue killing bed bugs and other pest insects, for up to 4 weeks after treatment.

For effective bed bug control, spray into joints of furnishings, woodwork and crevices where the biting insects like to live, breed and hide. Spray treat mattresses and bed headboards etc., which are also places where the bedbugs hide.

A thorough spray treatment with Insectaclear D Strong of areas where bed bugs live, is important to achieve effective control and eradication of blood sucking bed bugs.

* 1 x Litre will treat up to 20 square metres.

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