Bed Bug Control Treatment Pack 1


Our Bed Bug Control Treatment Pack 1 is suitable to treat 1 single bedroom or 1 double bedroom.

To start the treatment with our bedbugs control and prevention products, we would suggest that you strip the bed of bedding and wash it on a hot wash. You should hoover or sweep the floor area thoroughly.

The bed bug killer spray is then applied to the mattress paying attention to the piping areas where bed bugs may have laid their eggs. You should also spray this insecticide on all fabric areas such as curtains and headboards of beds.

Apply the bed bug killing powder around carpet or floor edges as bed bugs like to live and breed where the floor meets the wall, coming out at 'meal times' to find a suitable human host.

Lastly with all the wardrobe doors and chest of drawer drawers left open, set off the bed bug smoke bombs and leave the room for approx 6 hours.

You must be as thorough as possible in the application of these products. If your bed bug problem is severe, you may have to re apply the products a couple of weeks later.

Our Bed Bugs Control Treatment Pack 1 contains:

* 1 x 1 litre Insectaclear D special strength bed bug killer spray

* 1 x 150 gram Rentokil bed bug and insect killing powder

* 2 x Fortefog P mini fumer smoke bomb generators to fumigate against bed bugs

* 1 x Face mask 1 x pair of gloves

* 1 x Bed bugs advice sheet detailing how to stop and get rid of bed bugs.

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