Aphid & Greenhouse Insect Smoke Bomb Fumers x 4


Aphid and Greenhouse Insect Smoke Bomb Fumers x 4 are for use in killing, stopping and getting rid of aphids, whitefly, greenfly, blackfly and other flying or crawling insects found in the greenhouse, conservatory or in rooms within the home.

These fogger smokes will give an effective pre season fumigation treatment of the greenhouse to make sure that your crops will be pest free.

Each Aphid and Insect Smoke Fogging Bomb contain 13.5% permethrin.

Easy to use, just make sure all windows are closed and then light the 'smokes'. They give off a dense smoke that will search out all types of insect pests in their hideaway or breeding places.

Re enter the treated room, conservatory or greenhouse after approximately 6 hours and open windows to let fresh air circulate knowing the area is now insect free!

Not to be used where plants are peresent.

Pack of 4 Aphid and Insect Smoke Fogging Bombs.

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