Aphid & Greenhouse Insect Smoke Bomb Fumers x 2


Aphid and Greenhouse Insect Smoke Bomb Fumers x 2 will fumigate an area infested with aphids, whitefly, greenfly and other flying or crawling insects.

You may have found these pests in the conservatory of your home or a greenhouse and need a quick and effective method to kill them. These aphid and insect fogging smokes can be used as a pre season insecticide fumigation treatment in conservatories or greenhouses to make sure that you kill off any bug that may be hiding in some nook or cranny prior to planting. Not to be used where plants are present.

In greenhouses, the smoke kills any residual insect from the previous season to make it ready to re-plant the new seasons crops.

Once lit, just leave the area being treated for about 6 hours before returning.

Pack of 2 Aphid and Insect Smoke Fogger Bombs.

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