OA2KI Organic and Natural Ant Killer Spray Powder


OA2KI Organic and Natural Ant Killer Spray Powder for a non toxic and pesticide free method of killing and controlling a problem with ants.

This product is totally natural as it contains diatomaceous earth which is made from crushed sea fossils. The ants that come into contact with this killer 'dust' die through drying out, as the abrasive fossil particules penetrate the exo skeleton of the insect which causes dehydration.

Easy to use, just spray crevices at floor level or other areas where you have seen ants either inside the house or outside in the garden.

OA2KI Organic Ant Killing Powder Spray Aerosol comes with 2 x nozzles, one which is fine for reaching into cracks and crevices from where ants are emerging.

* Eco friendly

* Safe to use where children and pets are present

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