How to get rid of Cluster Flies if you have a problem in your attic, loft or roof space

How to get rid of Cluster Flies if you have a problem in your attic, loft or roof space

The Cluster Fly is about 6mm in length with a wing span of 10mm. Cluster Flies are commonly found ‘clustering’ in lofts, attics and roof spaces where they can gather in large numbers between Autumn and Spring to overwinter. On warm, sunny days during the winter period these flying insect pests may be seen resting on South or West facing walls but they will then return to their indoor hiding places during evening and nightfall.

Cluster Flies can often migrate down from their roof void homes through ceiling lights and small cracks in the plaster-work to then occupy bedrooms below. They can also come down cavity walls into lower living rooms via air bricks in walls.

When a cluster fly moves into a building, it leaves a scent trail for other cluster flies to follow which ensures the largest possible number of flies will have a place to survive the winter.

Very often Cluster Flies return each year to the same loft, attic or roof space to over-winter. By killing the insects when they come into the loft area and continuing with a treatment over the Autumn – Winter period, the scent will gradually be diminished to an extent where other cluster flies will not return annually.

How to get rid of Cluster Flies if you have a problem in your attic, loft or roof space?

We supply several remedies from our Cluster Fly Control Treatment Packs, Auto Dispensers with Cluster Fly Insecticide, Smoke Bomb Fumers, a Cluster Buster Fly Trap, Sprays and Powders. We also stock special Electric Fly Killers to kill cluster flies which have especially deep catchment trays to hold large numbers of the dead insects.

The best and most effective way to get rid of these nuisance flying pests is to firstly use the Smoke Bomb Fumers that will kill all insects within the area at the time of the fumigation treatment. Then we would advise that window frames are sprayed with a residual insecticide that will kill any fly that lands there and that an insecticidal powder is used in small holes, cracks and crevices which are hiding places of these troublesome black insects.

To make sure that any cluster flies that still try to infest the area are stopped, we would advise the use of our Auto Dispenser that gives out measured does of a killing insecticide. Also we would advise that for long term protection an Electric Fly Killer should be placed in the area that has the cluster fly problem.

Please note, using a standard UV Electric Fly Killer can be dangerous, as the number of cluster flies can mount up in the tray, causing a potential fire hazard in the loft area and so only one of our special, deep tray Electric Fly Killers should be used.

All our suggestions for Cluster Fly Control are tried and tested methods of killing and eradicating Cluster Flies.

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